Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Body Awareness Guide

Human Skeleton
RIGHT SIDE OF BODY – Masculine energy, assertive, extroverted, bringing ideas to action
Unresolved relationships with a particular male
Inability to give to oneself or others
Holding back on some level
Inability to express or over-expression
Overexertion in work and/or other activities

LEFT SIDE OF BODY – Feminine energy, receiving, passive, introverted, intuitive, creative
Unresolved relationships with a particular female
Inability to receive (feeling unworthy)
Inability to express or over-expression of feminine energy
Inhibited creative expression
Not responding to one’s intuition

TOP HALF OF BODY (FROM WAIST UP) – Communication, self-expression, the senses, emotions, touching. Outgoing, assertive, active, sociable, interpersonal relationships
Repressed emotional/creative expression

BLOOD – The blood brings vitality to cells, tissues, and organs
Problems: A lack of joy and enthusiasm with life (discouraged)
Unresolved issues with a member or members of one’s blood relations
Toxicity in the blood can result from negative/destructive thinking

BONES – The framework, foundation and support of our physical/emotional/mental structure. The ability to support ourselves. Strength, power, and integrity.
A need to become more solid, stable, and grounded in relation to ourselves and life
Lack of internal support or strength
Lack of personal integrity

BREASTS (FEMALE) – Nurturing, giving, love and mothering. Strongly connected to a woman’s self-image, feelings about her own femininity, and issues related to motherhood.
Over-mothering, unwilling to provide nourishment or nurturing physically or emotionally, to self especially
Frustrated desires related to childbearing, overly forceful attitudes

EARS – The capacity to hear and listen. Willingness to perceive the true messages of life. Being open and willing to hear and consider other’s opinions.
A persistent refusal to hear truth, avoidance of issues considered upleasant
Refusal to hear other points of view, lack of enthusiasm
Guilt, irresponsibility, emotional repression

Bicycling Basics

Bicycling Basics

1. Begin well fueled. You want to avoid running out of energy near the beginning of your ride.
2. Be self sufficient – carry spares. Carry a spare tube, a patch kit, a tire iron and a pump for air.
3. Learn how to do minor field repairs, especially tire repairs. You can learn this at your local bike shop. The sport wouldn’t be where it is without your local bike shop – support your local bike shop!
4. Stay aware on your bike. Keep your situational awareness. Biking is fun but it requires more mental concentration than sitting on the couch. It can become frightening and unsafe quickly.
5. Be courteous. Remember you’re not the only one on the road or path. This is a corollary to No. 4. Be safe, be courteous, be tolerant. Other people may walking or skating. Get out of the path when you stop. Others may not be watching and hit you.
6. Stay hydrated. Carry plenty of water. Drink at least one full bottle of water for every hour you ride. Carry energy bars and electrolyte replacements for rides longer than one hour. Eat often – little bits. Your body will require more than liquids for longer rides.
7. Plan your ride. Unless you are going to an area that’s a no-brainer, carry a map or some other orienting device like a GPS.
Bicycling Control
8. Avoid overdoing it. You’re not trying to beat Lance Armstrong. Biking should be fun. Ride within your own abilities and physical limits. Smart people rest – proud people bonk out!
9. Maintain your bike. Your local bike shop can help you. Tune your bike at least once a year. If you can’t do it yourself, take it to the local bike shop.
10. Dress appropriately and safely. Bike gear may look geeky, but it has been refined over the years. Wear a helmet every time you ride your bike and consider wearing gloves. Be prepared – the weather may change. Be visible to others if you’re riding on the road. Visit your local bike shop for help with clothing choices.